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Undergraduate programme in Geography and Spatial planning


Geography adds a spatial dimension to economic, social and natural topics. Its comprehensive nature, together with the implementation of technological advances and in-depth analysis of multiple information sources, highlight the capacity of this discipline to address problems that have a spatial dimension, whether these are contemporary or prehistoric, and that affect future generations.

Geography is a science of vital importance in the analysis of the spatial effects of economic change processes in both the rural and urban context; the utilization of natural, human and landscape resources; environmental impacts; territorial planning and management, etc.

Without losing its character as a humanities discipline, the methods and tools of today's geography are much broader and make geographers particularly adaptable and flexible, and valued as specialists within a range of professional contexts.

The undergraduate degree in Geography and Spatial Planning is defined by the evolution of this scientific discipline in the international context, by society's growing demands related to knowledge, organization and development of diverse territories, as well as by new demands on professionals in the labour market.

Instructional modality

On campus and online

Reading period


Instructional language

Catalan and Spanish. Some course offerings in English.

Evaluation methods

The ECTS credit system involves continuous assessment that evaluates all student work.

Professional internships

Elective credits for external practical internship.

Instructional Centre

College of Philosophy and Literature


Undergraduate programme in Geography and Spatial planning
Degree coordinator

Maria Prats Ferret
Tel.: 93 581 17 59

Assistant coordinator

Anna Ortiz Guitart
Tel.: 93 581 17 59

Degree Contact

Jordi Nadal Tersa
Tel.: +34 93 581 2967