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Sandra Fatoric




PhD in Geography (Department of Geography, UAB, 2014), MSc of Environmental Studies: Climate Change & Global Change (Institute for Environmental Science & Technology, UAB, 2010).

Research areas

  • Climate change and global change
  • Vulnerability of socio-economic and natural systems to climate change
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Climate and environmental risk analysis
  • Coastal management
  • Environmental policy
  • Environmental migration


    • Fatorić, S., Morén-Alegret, R., Kasimis, C., 2014. Exploring climate change effects in Euro-Mediterranean protected coastal wetlands: the cases of Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, Spain and Kotychi-Strofylia, Greece. International Journal for Sustainable Development & World Ecology, DOI:10.1080/13504509.2014.888377.
    • Fatorić, S., Morén-Alegret, R., 2013. Integrating local knowledge and perception for assessing vulnerability to climate change in economically dynamic coastal areas: the case of natural protected area Aiguamolls de l'Empordà. Ocean & Coastal Management 85 (A), 90-102.
    • Fatorić, S., Chelleri, L., 2012. Vulnerability to the effects of climate change and adaptation: the case of the Spanish Ebro Delta. Ocean & Coastal Management 60, 1-10.
    • Fatorić, S., 2009. Changing of sea level in North Adriatic as an indicator of climate change. Geographical Bulletin 81 (1), 9-21.