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Some recent publications linked to GRM:



During the academic year 2020-2021, among other publications linked to GRM-UAB, the following articles have been published in open-access journals as the outcome of the research project titled"HAMLETS. Immigration and Sustainable Development in Small Villages":

*Morén-Alegret, R.; Milazzo, J.; Romagosa, F. & Kallis, G. (2021) "‘Cosmovillagers’ as Sustainable Rural Development Actors in Mountain Hamlets? International Immigrant Entrepreneurs’ Perceptions of Sustainability in the Lleida Pyrenees (Catalonia, Spain)", European Countryside, 13 (2), pp. 267-296 (ver:

*Mendoza, C.; Morén-Alegret, R. & McAreavey, R. (2020), “(Lifestyle) immigrant entrepreneurs in Spanish small villages: Rethinking international immigration in rural Alt Empordà, Catalonia”, BELGEO. Belgian Journal of Geography, 2020, nº1 (see:

*Romagosa, F.; Mendoza, C.; Mojica, L. & Morén-Alegret, R. (2020), “Inmigración internacional y turismo en espacios rurales. El caso de los 'micropueblos' de Cataluña”. Cuadernos de Turismo, 46, pp. 319-347 (see:

*Mendoza, C.; Morén-Alegret, R. & McAreavey, R. (2020), “Emprendimiento e inmigración internacional en áreas rurales de España”, Investigaciones Geográficas (Instituto de Geografía de la UNAM), DOI: (see:

The HAMLETS research project (2017-2020) has been directed by Ricard Morén-Alegret, mainly carried out from UAB and funded by RecerCaixa Programme, an initiative of Associació Catalana d’Universitats Públiques (ACUP) and Fundació ‘la Caixa’. In this project collaborated several municipal organisations, including Associació de Micropobles de Catalunya and Asociación Española de Municipios de Montaña (EsMontañas).



In late 2019, Palgrave Macmillan has published a new book linked to GRM that is titled "International Immigration, Integration and Sustainability in Small Towns and Villages. Socio-Territorial Challenges in Rural and Semi-Rural Europe" and that is co-authored by Ricard Morén-Alegret (UAB) & Dawid Wladyka (UTRGV). This new book approaches the migratory situation in Europe, paying special attention to a variety of (relatively) small human population settlements (small towns and villages) as well as taking into account the world debates on sustainable development. In addition, this book presents research results from original fieldworks carried out along several years in various rural areas and small towns of England (UK), France, Portugal and Spain. This book is available both as Hardcover and as eBook. Please see:




* MORÉN-ALEGRET, R.; FATORIC, S.; WLADYKA, D.; MAS, A.; FONSECA, M.L. (2018) Challenges in achieving sustainability in Iberian rural areas and small towns: Exploring immigrant stakeholders’ perceptions in Alentejo, Portugal, and Empordà, Spain, Journal of Rural Studies, 64, pp. 253-266, DOI: 10.1016/j.jrurstud.2018.05.005

* MORÉN-ALEGRET, R.; WLADYKA, D.; OWEN, D. (2018) “Immigrants’ Integration Challenges and Sustainability in Stratford-upon-Avon. Perceptions and Experiences from a ‘Global’ Small Town in Nationalistic Times”. In S. KORDEL et al. (eds.) Processes of Immigration in Rural Europe, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, pp. 46-80.

* WLADYKA, D. & MORÉN-ALEGRET, R. (2017) “A sustainable touristic place in times of crisis? The case of Empuriabrava – a superdiverse Mediterranean resort”. In Handbook of Sustainability and Social Science Research, Berlin: Springer (World Sustainability Series).

* FATORIC, S.; MORÉN-ALEGRET, R.; NIVEN, R.J.; TAN, G. (2017) "Living with climate change risks: stakeholders’ employment and coastal relocation in mediterranean climate regions of Australia and Spain", Environment Systems and Decisions, 37, pp. 276-288.

* MORÉN-ALEGRET, R.; MAS-PALACIOS, A.; WLADYKA, D. (2016) “Inter-Group Perceptions and Representations in two Barcelona Neighbourhoods: Poble Sec and Sagrada Família Compared”. In F. Pastore & I. Ponzo (eds.) Inter-group Relations and Migrant Integration in European Cities. Changing Neighbourhoods, Berlin: Springer / IMISCOE Research Series. Open access:

* FATORIC, S.; MORÉN-ALEGRET, R.; ZOGRAFOS, C. (2015) “Case Study 8.1 Spanish Coastal Natural Protected Areas: Ebro Delta and Empordà Wetlands”. In Rosenzweig C., W. Solecki, P. Romero-Lankao, S. Mehrotra, S. Dhakal, T. Bowman, and S. Ali Ibrahim (eds.) Climate Change and Cities. ARC3.2. New York, Columbia University, USA: Urban Climate Change Research Network, pp. 323 – 327.

* WLADYKA, D.; MORÉN-ALEGRET, R. (2015) "Chinese Immigrants in the Sagrada Familia Neighbourhood of Barcelona, Spain: Their Socioeconomic Viability and Identity". In R. Iredale & F. Guo (eds.) Handbook of Chinese Migration. Identity and Wellbeing, Cheltenham, UK / Northampton, US: Edward Elgar Publishing.



*Baby-Collin, V.; Brassamin, L.
«Prendre place: les Boliviens sur les marchés itinérants de Buenos Aires»
Revue européenne des Migrations internationales, n° 28(3), p. 127-149. 2012.

*Baby-Collin, V.;
«Les enjeux contemporains des migrations internationales en Amérique du Nord.»
in Giband, D. (dir.) L'Amérique du nord au XXI siècle, enjeux, défis, perspectives, Paris: Ellipses, p. 23-42. 2012.

*Baby-Collin, V.; Sassone, S.
«La mundialización de la devoción a la Virgen de Urkupiña: religiosidad, fiestas populares y territorios urbanos de migrantes bolivianos»
in S. Santarelli; M. Campos (dir.) Territorios culturales y prácticas religiosas: nuevos escenarios en América Latina. Editorial de la Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, Argentina, pp. 303-335. 2012.

*Baby-Collin, V.; Mercier, D.,
in V. Baby-Collin; D. Mercier (dir.), Le Mexique dans les migrations internationales, Paris: Cité Nationale de l'Histoire de l'Immigration. 2012.

*Bassols, M.; Mendoza, C. (editors)
Gobernanza. Teoría y prácticas colectivas
Barcelona: Anthropos & UAM-Iztapalapa. 272 pp. 2011

*Bledsoe, H.C.; P. Sow
“Back to Africa: Second Chances for the Children of West African Immigrants” (second version)
in Oso, L.; Ribas Mateos, N. (eds.) The International Handbook on Gender, Migration and Transnationalism. Global and Development Perspectives, Universidade da Coruña, Spain. 2013.

*Bledsoe C.; P. Sow
"Family reunification Ideals and the Practice of Transnational reproductive Life among Africans in Europe"
In Browner H.C & C. F. Sargent (eds.) Reproduction, Globalization and the State: New Theoretical and Ethnographic Perspectives. Durham & London: Duke University Press. 175-191. 2011.

*Bledsoe, H. C.; P. Sow
Back to Africa: Second chances for the children of West African Immigrants
Journal of Marriage and Family , 73: 747–762. 2011.

*Bruquetas, M.; Garcés, B.; Morén-Alegret, R.; Penninx, R. & Ruiz, E.
"The Case of Spain"
in G. Zincone, M. Borkert & R. Penninx (Eds.), Migration Policymaking in Europe; The dynamics of Actors and Contexts in Past and Present (pp. 291-326). Amsterdam (Holanda): Amsterdam University Press. 2011

*Fatorić, S., Morén-Alegret, R.; Kasimis, C.
Exploring climate change effects in Euro-Mediterranean protected coastal wetlands: the cases of Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, Spain and Kotychi-Strofylia, Greece
International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 2014. DOI: 10.1080/13504509.2014.888377
Impact Factor: 1.213 (JCR2012)

*Fatorić, S., Morén-Alegret, R.
Integrating local knowledge and perception for assessing vulnerability to climate change in economically dynamic coastal areas: the case of natural protected area Aiguamolls de l'Empordà
Ocean and Coastal Management 85 (A), 90-102. 2013.
Impact Factor: 1.597. (JCR2012)
*Fatorić, S., Chelleri, L.
Vulnerability to the effects of climate change and adaptation: the case of the Spanish Ebro Delta
Ocean and Coastal Management 60, 1-10. 2012.
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*Grau Rebollo, J., Rodríguez García, D., Valenzuela García, H. (eds.)
Parentescos: modelos culturales de reproducción. Barcelona: PPU. ISBN: 978-84-477-1125-3. 2011

*Jarrín Morán, A.; Rodríguez García, D.; de Lucas, J.
Los Centros de Internamiento para Extranjeros en España: una evaluación crítica
Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals, 99: 201-220. ISSN 1133-6595, e-ISSN 2013-035X. 2012

*Jarrín Morán, A.; Rodríguez García, D.; de Lucas, J.
Los centros de internamiento de extranjeros en España: Origen, funcionamiento e implicaciones jurídico-sociales
Documentos CIDOB Migraciones, 26. Barcelona: CIDOB. ISSN: 1697-7734, e-ISSN: 1697-8145. 2012

*Joly, D.
“‘Race’, ethnicity and religion: emerging policies in Britain”
Patterns of Prejudice, 46 (5), pp. 467-485. 2012.
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*Joly, D.
"‘Les théâtres de l’action: femmes, Islam et politique en France et en Grande-Bretagne’"
Revue Hommes et Migrations (dossier especial ‘Feministes et musulmanes’ coordinat per D. Joly i K. Wadia), nº 1299. Setembre-octubre 2012.

*Joly, D.
“Les musulmans dans la société britannique”
Revue Hommes et Migrations (dossier especial ‘Feministes et musulmanes’ coordinat per D. Joly i K. Wadia), nº1299. Setembre-octubre 2012.

*Joly, D.
“La construcción de la multiculturalidad a partir del conflicto en el Reino Unido”
in Cachón, L. (dir.) Inmigración y conflictos en Europa. Aprender para una major convicencia, Barcelona: Hacer. 2011.

*Marmer, E.; P. Sow
African History Teaching in Contemporary German Textbooks: From Biased Knowledge to Duty of Remembrance
Yesterday and Today, 10: 49-76. 2013.

*Marmer, E.; D. Marmer; L. Hitoni; P. Sow
Racism in German Schools and the Image of Africa in German Textbooks
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" Exploring methods and techniques for the analysis of senses of place and migration"
Progress in Human Geography, 37(6) 762–785. 2013.
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*Mendoza, C.; Bada, X.
Estrategias organizativas y prácticas cívicas binacionales de los clubes de oriundos y federaciones mexicanos en Chicago: Una perspectiva transnacional desde el “lugar”
Migraciones Internacionales, 7 (1), 35-67. 2013.

*Mendoza, C.
Explaining urban migration from Mexico City to the U.S.: Social networks and territorial attachments
International Migration, 2013. DOI: 10.1111/imig.12050
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La migration féminine dans le cadre du changement du modèle migratoire Mexique – Etats-Unis à partir de quatre enquêtes mexicaines réalisées dans les années quatre-vingt-dix
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La migración nos ayuda a salir adelante: Una mirada geográfica a la migración transnacional en Valle de Chalco-Solidaridad (Estado de México)
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Geografía de la Población: Cuantitativos versus teóricos
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La integración de la inmigración internacional en pequeñas ciudades y áreas rurales”
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